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Facility Highlight of the Month: Rochester: RST

Rochester is proud to be a 100% NATCA facility with 14 bargaining unit employees. Our facility is a level 5 TRACAB operating from 0500 to 2300 daily.  We own a “shovel shaped” airspace south of the MSP Class […]

Virtual Grassroots in Local Areas: Illinois

Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis joined nearly 30 NATCA members from across his district and the state of Illinois for a NATCA only ZOOM call. “The congressman briefed the members on a variety of subjects, including his […]

Honoring the Work of NATCA Members on 9/11

Nineteen years later, the scope and the gravity of what NATCA members did in service to their country during the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 remains as vivid to them as ever. In a new collection […]

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