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On or before Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2018, any NATCA member wanting to attend CFS must submit the national Excused Absence Request Form. That's the first of three steps for NATCA members to register for CFS 2018, followed by submitting the Local Facility Request form to your FacRep and ATM and then completing the registration form. For more information about this process and answers to other questions, please click here.

CFS 2018: How Can We Help You?

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Hosted annually by the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA), Communicating For Safety (CFS) is the aviation industry’s leading conference focusing on safety, technology and building relationships. This three-day conference is unique in that it's the only conference of its kind to focus specifically on the air traffic needs of all members of the aviation community who are affected by the National Airspace System (NAS).

CFS began in 1999 with just 40 attendees; it has now become an internationally attended conference, with over 1,500 aviation industry leaders and representatives coming together to discuss and improve safety.

NATCA President Paul Rinaldi: “Aviation safety is the cornerstone of our existence. Building a robust safety culture, we have done an outstanding job and we should be very proud of what we have accomplished.” But Rinaldi cautioned attendees that, “we cannot take it for granted. Everyone involved in the aviation industry must fight complacency, the enemy of progress, at all levels.” (Watch Rinaldi’s 2017 remarks here)